Our Story

Hi friend!

Welcome to Zelie & Lou! I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Emma, the one behind all the madness. Zelie & Lou, originally named Shop For His Glory, started in a little college dorm in 2018. I started hand-lettering words the Lord was speaking over me and lyrics to worship songs with big truths that I wanted to declare over myself on little 4x6 notecards. These notecards quickly took over my wall...then my friends' walls...and then their friends' walls. I wanted to create something more than notecards and that's when  "Shop for His Glory" was born. 

I made my first round of stickers with the money I had saved from my high school graduation party, the summer before, not knowing if anyone besides my mom would actually buy one.


The Lord cannot be outdone in generosity. 

My little shop grew and grew and I decided it was time for a better name with more meaning and thought behind it. Zelie and Lou is named after Saints Zélie and Louis Martin, the parents of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. St Thérèse has been showing up everywhere since I opened my shop, in typical St Thérèse fashion, reminding me of my littleness and dependency on the Father. Zelie and Lou would not be where it is without her and her family's intercession. 

I hope these items help you live out your faith a little more boldly! Thank you so much for visiting my little shop! 

In Christ,